Prestigious Singles Online Dating Safety Tips!


We urge you to use good judgment and be responsible when communicating and meeting with other Prestigious Single members. Please take time to review the following tips before you register.


When creating your profile never give out information such as: your phone number, street/email address, and names of friends, co-workers and relatives, as well as any financial information. Your profile should not contain sexual references and sexual nicknames, as well as references to alcohol.


Keep a unique password and keep it secure. It is a good idea to set up an email account just for online dating. Try and ask a lot of questions when interacting and be alert for inconsistencies and any odd requests. After communicating with another member for what you consider a reasonable time, you may feel comfortable enough with actual meeting and a date. It is a good idea to talk on the phone before your meet.


When you are ready to take the next step, pick a public place and inform your friends and relatives of the location. Agree on the time and place of your meeting, do not meet somewhere only to travel together to some other destination elsewhere.


Always provide your own transportation to and from your date, never get into your date's car. Never meet at a hotel room, private residence or remote location. Don't drink too much, excessive consumption of alcohol impairs your good judgment.


If someone tries to get you into an uncomfortable situation, don't hesitate to leave or do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. Call your relatives or friends once you return from the date.


Watch for red flags, some of which may include: member of interest disappearing for weeks on end, contact request from someone who clearly is not your match, inconsistencies between photos and description, giving out a strange phone number or email, calling you by the wrong name, claiming to love you in a heartbeat, wanting to leave the site immediately and using personal email, claiming to live in your city but currently traveling, planning to visit your city but being prevented by some odd event, offering you money, links to other sites, and evasive behavior in general. Block and report abusive users immediately. Don't rush it and use your common sense, ultimately you are responsible for your personal dating experience.


  • Please don’t not fall victim to fraud. NEVER give out your credit card number, bank account numbers, and never send money.
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