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Fusing past and future aesthetics with sporty-formal attire, Miuccia Prada explores both extremes of the spectrum when dressing the modern man. Strutting the runway through a fascist-style piazza designed by AMO, part of Rem Koolhaas’ architecture firm, past cardboard-constructed statues of men on horses, as an ominous bass and fading trumpets echoed through the venue – Prada’s Fall 2020 show was almost heroic.

Prada Values Life and Work with it’s Latest Fall 2020 Menswear Collection

Mirroring the collection with a series of offbeat colours, the set flashed mauve, red and pea green as models clothed in bare-armed tank tops, three-piece suits or mismatched tailored separates and high notch-collared two button topcoats graced the stage.

“I thought to give an indication that the only thing that makes me calm and optimistic is to give value to work… to give value to things that matter in your life and your work. And so the creativity is mixed with technicalities, which is a little bit similar to the Secessionist period when ideas, creativity, and actual work had to be all together. I want to give a hope that in this casino [chaotic world] if you do well your job, paired with intelligence, and with culture, then this already is something… It’s to give respect to work, to effort, to fatigue, and to what is difficult.” – Miuccia Prada.

Contrary to the designer’s exegesis, each model showcased profession-specific attire, alluding to the aesthetic of rural workers, young executives, and freelancers with mid-calf boots, oversized corduroy jackets, piped sport raised graphics on pocket flaps, rubberized coats, baggy pants, a wicked green half-length coat and beaten leather galvanized sole boots, alongside an array of technical wear.

Transitioning seamlessly into fashion-forward top-to-toe cotton day pajamas with small ruffled bibs and treated shearlings, the collection came to an eventual close, featuring knit and silk patterned topcoats with lavender and olive-coloured gridded graphics.

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Construction has begun in Thailand on Twin 83, which is set to become the country’s biggest sailing catamaran. Twin 83 is poised to take over the mantle from the 78ft double-deck Lobster based in Phuket, which participated in the fourth Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous last December.

Jay Ujjin is overseeing the build of the Twin 83 sailing catamaran in Bangkok

Jay Ujjin is overseeing the build of the Twin 83 sailing catamaran in Bangkok

Twin 83, an 83ft double-deck ‘party cat’, has an Australian-designed hull and is being built and fitted out in Bangkok. Jay Ujjin is managing the custom build and said the catamaran’s Phuket-based owner, a renowned hospitality brand, was inspired by the likes of Lobster and Hype, both designed by Ocean Voyager from France and built in Sri Lanka.

“Those yachts are my client’s inspiration,” said Ujjin, who said the mould for Twin 83 has been completed. “I’m working closely with the owner to develop an efficient layout and impressive aesthetics to create a unique customer experience. Although the hull is an Australian design, the rest of the design is tailor-made by our Thai designer.”

Ujjin was formerly based in Phuket, where he was active in the sailing and regatta scene, and helped establish the Phuket Yacht Club. Upon returning to his native Bangkok, he created a diesel marine business providing services to the broader marine industry, mainly involving the maintenance of superyachts from the Mediterranean.

Twin 83 was inspired by Sri Lanka-built party cats like Lobster and Hype

Twin 83 was inspired by Sri Lanka-built ‘party cats’ like Lobster and Hype

“Thailand’s yacht-building industry has evolved over recent years and can compete on a global scale in terms of price and quality,” said Ujjin, whose team members include certified MTU engineers with over 25 years of experience in The Royal Thai Navy Shipyard.

“The party catamaran is becoming increasingly popular in established resort destinations in Europe and Southeast Asia. It provides an affordable and accessible alternative to the traditional charter business. I’m confident Twin 83 will make a splash on the Phuket party scene.”


Yacht Style Issue 52: Asia’s Top Builders, Reviews & More

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Affecting over 4,600 employees and about 95% of its overall workforce, Cirque du Soleil is exploring debt restructuring options, including a potential bankruptcy filing in light of the worsening coronavirus.

Cirque du Soleil’s Cancelled Shows May Result in a Bankruptcy Filing

Forced to cancel their regular Las Vegas shows, the revered Montreal-based circus company has temporarily laid off a majority of its staff due to the precautionary social distancing measures put in place by governments both world-and-state-wide.

Facing an estimated $900 million debt, Cirque du Soleil and its creditors have announced a dialogue addressing the increasing cash crush and future negotiations. With no defined plan to manage its strained finances, or official statement from the company – a large part of Cirque du Soleil’s debts stem from a $1.5 billion deal with a private equity firm TPG taken up in 2015.

Currently regarded a ‘high risk’ company due to its overwhelmingly steep debt, Cirque du Soleil had about $105 million in funds available as of December, consisting of $20 million in cash and the rest from a revolving credit line, however with the virus-caused inactivity, the company is expected to spend at least $165 million on ticket reimbursements for canceled shows and debt repayment, throughout the remainder of the year – as investors face growing concern regarding the company’s ability to repay all of its debts.

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Raha Moharrak is currently pursuing her MBA at Synergy University Dubai Campus with a specialisation in Women’s Leadership

Until 2018 women were not permitted in Saudi Arabian sport stadiums, not even as spectators. When the Saudi people sat down to watch the London Olympic Games in 2012, they only got to see two women athletes representing their country. Sarah Attar, an American born dual US-Saudi national, who participated in women’s track and Wojdan Shaherkani for judo.

The effective ban on Saudi women’s participation in national competitive sports had effectively hamstrung female athletes in Saudi Arabia; but it mattered little, when Attar finished last and even when Shaherkani was defeated under two minutes, they each received standing ovations. Despite the social and cultural obstacles, a young visual communicator named Raha Moharrak was training to conquer Mount Everest.

“Convincing them [my family] to let me climb was as great a challenge as the mountain itself!” – Raha Moharrak to CNN

The then 26 year old, the youngest of three, born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Hassan Moharrak and Yasmine al-Alfie told CNN that “convincing them [her family] to let her climb was as great a challenge as the mountain itself!”. Indeed, summiting a mountain is an immense physical feat but overcoming a policy of prohibition, especially when the dominant religious authority holds the view that opening sports to women and girls will lead to immorality or “steps of the devil,” as one prominent religious scholar put it is one which cuts to the core of societal and family support.

Going Places: Raha Moharrak, Youngest Woman to Summit Everest didn’t Crack Under Pressure

Saudi Arabia is the world’s most gender-segregated nation, but amid changes now under way, multiple generations of women are debating how to be truly modern and truly Saudi. – National Geographic

In March 2013, eight months after Saudi Arabia’s women made their Olympic debut, Raha Moharrak made history, becoming the youngest woman in the world and the first female mountaineer from Saudi Arabia to successfully scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak and in doing so, raised a million dollars for educating people in Nepal. It’s hard to imagine “not cracking under pressure” and accomplishing your objectives when over 2000 meters above sea level on the Kahiltna Glacier, your guide (Dave Hahn)) just told you, “As you may have heard, a climber has lost his life. They are evacuating his body. I want you to know this because I want you to know what you are dealing with. I want you to understand where you are, the type of place you are, and the consequences.” Moharrak told AramcoWorld how Hahn’s words made her uneasy. “It was a feeling I had to work through,” she says.

Moharrak with her TAG Heuer Connected

“I really don’t care about being the first, so long as it inspires someone else to be second.” – Raha Moharrak

Moharrak’s feat is backdropped by her country’s gradual warming to the idea of women participating in sports: That year it announced that Saudi Arabian girls were officially allowed to practice sports in private schools, which they had not officially been allowed to do previously. For the Olympic Games in Rio, Saudi Arabia fielded double the number of female athletes and by 2017, Princess Reema bint Bandar was appointed as the first female head of the Saudi Federation for Community Sports, promoting extensive reform in the kingdom’s Olympic Committee and sports federations covering sporting activities for men and women. Feather in the kingdom’s cap, 31-year-old, Moharrak then cemented herself as the best-known mountaineer of the region, achieving her ultimate dream of completing the Seven Summits after achieving Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America and in doing so, achieved not just a step up for herself but for female athletes all over Saudi Arabia saying, “I really don’t care about being the first, so long as it inspires someone else to be second.” Her face became an emblem for triumph in adversity prompting Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer to invite her as “Friend of the Brand” for their “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign that same year.

Moharrak as she plans her next adventure

“It is about passion and discovery; and that one-of-a-kind experience with an extra special je ne sais quoi that simply cannot be replciated. Plus, of course, a glass of champagne!” – Arnaud Champenois, Belmond SVP Brand and Marketing

Explore Good living with Raha Moharrak on Belmond Road to Mandalay

Having explored the major summits of the world and having surmounted the socio-cultural mountains of resistance and negativity, Raha Moharrak embarked on her next adventure – bringing her guests on a wholesome life-affirming exploration of northern Myanmar by boat.

I always advise people to take that first step. A journey as big as Everest started with a step and ended with a step. One of the most important things you can strive for is the curiosity to go after those things you don’t know – Raha Moharrak, Belmond Good Living ambassador

Unlike Moharrak’s own high risk adventures; whether it’s mindfulness in Anguilla or trekking in Myanmar, Belmond Good Living is about wellness, authenticity and timeless experiences. The Belmond Road to Mandalay plies the Irrawaddy River. The journey of 11 days includes onboard activities such as lectures and presentations on good living, demonstrations of longyi-tying – a kind of traditional Burmese sarong or ‘trousers’ or skirt, sunrise yoga sessions, meditation classes and of course cooking – consider it eat, pray, love but amidst the trappings of luxury as it makes ports of call to Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Bhamo.


If life on-board wears thin, Belmond Road to Mandalay also visits remote villages in Bagan, Mandalay and Bhamo, providing cultural explorations of temples close to Myanmar’s border with China with an optional overnight stay at Tainpha Taung Meditation Centre. Once your mind and soul is sufficiently satiated, one can pick from a choice of four exceptional guided treks led by Raha Moharrak herself.

Belmond Road to Mandalay started life as a river cruiser on the Rhine in Europe but was completely redesigned and relaunched by Orient-Express Hotels in 1995. In 2014 the company changed its name to Belmond Ltd. and the ship was renamed Road to Mandalay.

In December 2018, the company was acquired by LVMH in a $3.2billion transaction delisting the company from the NYSE and making it 100% privately owned.







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“I was almost kidnapped”

“I almost got kidnapped once. I was like 23 or so.

I was walking down my street at a little after dusk. I saw a van approaching a little ahead, no lights on. Didn’t think much of it due to the time of day.

The van slowed down and almost started creeping, as i was approaching this part of the sidewalk which had a tall solid wall fence to a community. This gave me some pause in that quick moment. For me to keep walking, I’d have to go between the wall and the van.

In the little time it took me to take a couple of steps, and as the van was getting close, i noticed that the side door was slowly sliding open.

The one thought in my mind was, why isn’t the light turning on inside the van? When you open the door of a vehicle, the light should come on inside it. Unless you deliberately switch that off.

And I just ran to the median, I ran in front of the van and across the street… because if they’re gonna have some use of roadkill me, have at it…. but they’re not getting me in one glorious piece.

Immediately, the van took off like someone lit it on fire. From a slow crawl to full speed. As i looked after it to see the plates… I noticed it had no plates. And still no lights.

I called the police, of course. They sent cars out and didn’t find the van. I never had anything like this happen again and I’m just an ordinary person, so i don’t suspect it was targeted. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Trust your intuition

“Always hated the dad scout leader in my area growing up. Just seemed like a real creep. Hated seeing him at community events, soccer games, back to school nights, etc.

10 year old me staged a hissy fit to end all melt downs with me slamming doors, crying and breaking shit to avoid being moved from cub scouts (where the moms ran things) to avoid boy scouts.

Turns out the scout leader was molesting 3 or 4 of the boys in the troop and threatening to kill them if they ever spoke.

Justice found him and he’s in prison.”

“My gut told me not to”

“I was driving a friend home late at night when I was around 21. She lived in a pretty rural area outside of St. Louis, MO and about a quarter mile from her house was an old abandoned farm and farm house. I always thought of this place as non-threatening as she told me she and her two sisters would go there as kids and they found an attic full of cool things, including a trunk of vintage woman’s clothing and old love letters. Like something out of a movie.

Anyway, I’m driving her home and it’s a hot, humid Missouri summer and we have the windows open as the late night had offered some cool air. We are also singing at the top of our lungs. We pass the abandoned farm and I drop her off at her house. I wait long enough to see she makes it inside and I head back out the way I came. I’m driving along and I get to almost where the farm is and I see two things in the road. My danger meter goes off as I had just driven this road and there was nothing there. I put the windows up and make sure the doors are locked. I get closer and I realize the items are two car batteries, spaced out in the road(which was basically a one lane road) in a way that I would have to get out and move them to drive on the road. I immediately knew I wasn’t getting out of the car so I picked the side of the road that had the lesser ditch and I gunned it. I was driving a little SUV and remember feeling the car run over branches and things in the little ditch, but I just gunned it and got out of there. All the way home I felt creeped out and kept checking my rear view mirror. I called my friend the next morning and told her what had happened and we both agreed it was weird. Shortly after that I moved to another state and didn’t think much of it after that.

Fast forward to 2-3 years later when I was back visiting my hometown. I randomly ran into my old friend and she ran up to me with wide eyes and grabbed my arms. She asked me if I remembered what I told her that night. I said yes and she proceeded to tell me that not too long after that had happened her family was awakened in the middle of the night to someone pounding on their sliding glass door. Her dad went to check and saw two naked, injured women and let them in and called 911. They had been abducted from St. Louis City(about 40 minutes away) by two men and brought to the old, abandoned farmhouse where the men tortured and raped them. The women somehow managed to get free and ran to the only light they could see, the light over my friends garage. They survived, but the men were never caught. There was evidence the men had been going there for a while. My friend was convinced they had put the batteries in the road to lure me out of the car. I’m just really glad my gut told me not to.”

Another roadblock

“I live in rural Connecticut and my mom was driving me down dark, twisty roads to my friends house and in the middle of the road was yellow caution tape. Not “police line, do not cross” tape, but just tape that said caution, blocking the whole road. it had been clearly ripped and tied back together in some places. My mom examined it and gunned it in reverse and got out of there fast. That same night, some woman had gotten out to examine it and had gotten back in the car to call the police because she found it suspicious, but not suspicious enough to leave before calling 911. She was grabbed out of her car but the people who grabbed her didn’t know she had called 911 and the police rolled up as the car was driving away with her in the trunk. They chased them down and she lived but it was scary. Trust your gut with roadblocks!!!”

The guy in the elevator

“I get really bad vibes from the car park in work – it’s a giant, poorly lit multi-storey and I’ve seen enough horror films to know I shouldn’t be taking it lightly. Whenever I get in, I pay attention to the floors people call the lift to to keep an eye on where they’re going.

One time a guy got in in front of me and pressed 6, while I was parked on 8. He didn’t get out at 6, and was still in the lift as I got to my floor. I leave, he doesn’t… so I guess he’s remembered he’s on another floor, but just before I get to the dark area with all the cars, I turned back. This guy had waited about 30 seconds (therefore held the lift to wait) and silently emerged to follow me. I just stopped and stared him down. He had a deer-in-the-headlights look and turned straight back to the lift.

I have no idea if it saved my life but it freaked me the fuck out!”

“It just felt wrong”

“Was driving to work one morning about 2am. Was behind a slow 18 wheeler and was getting a feeling I needed to move. As we came up to a red light i switched over a lane so I wouldnt be behind him anymore. Just about a second later I heard something that sounded like an explosion, which was a tow truck slamming into the back of the 18 wheeler at about 70 mph. Tore off the two rear axels on the trailer, and most certainly would have smashed my car to pieces.”

Slow down

“When I was around 18, I was on a backroad with some friends and a girl I didn’t know was driving really fast. Now, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and I have always enjoyed a calculated risk in the name of a good time, but on this occasion I told her to either slow the fuck down or let me out. I literally had to start screaming at her before she listened and slowed down.

A week later she crashed on that same stretch of road at 90mph, killing her, and the three passengers of her car.”


“My husband is a state trooper and has always said the wreck that sticks with him the most was a group of 4 17-18 year olds in a car speeding on the freeway. One of the kids was screaming and begging the driver to let him out. The driver pulled over and let him out as he and the other 2 passengers made fun of him for being a “pussy” and not wanting to have “fun.” A couple miles later, the driver flew off an overpass, went over the guard rail, and onto the freeway below, killing him and the other 2 passengers instantly and ejecting 1 out of the car. Luckily there was no one below that they fell onto. My husband always remembers that kid who demanded to get out and how terrified and shaken he was when he walked up on what happened and was able to explain that he was in the car with them just minutes prior and would have been dead had he not been a “pussy.””

Fast cars

“My boyfriend’s ex’s rebound did this to her. He had a fast little car. They were cruising one day, he started laughing. She asked what, he jammed on the gas and started whipping along a mountain while she screamed for him to stop, clawing at the door, hysterically freaking out as the car skidded along the road inches from 100+ foot drops. She told my boyfriend about it, he did what I believe to be the right thing and told her family (they dated for like, 4 years so he knew them and they knew he didn’t lie). They banned her from seeing him and reinforced it. He ended up killing himself doing the same thing in the rain.”

“Leave now”

“My now wife and I did the long distance thing in college, and I planned on doing my normal routine to visit her, leave Chicagoland in the morning, get to her early afternoon on Friday. Well I’m closing my store on Thursday night, and get a feeling I should leave that night. So I said ‘F it’ and left that night.

A little after lunch on Friday, tornado sirens go off. I don’t think anything of it until I head back home Sunday, and drive through a town about half hour north of her. It got lit up by the tornado. I quickly realize that I had left at my normal time, I woulda been smack dab in the middle of tornado.”

“I just didn’t like him”

“My ex husband had a friend who I just didn’t like although I could never explain why. He was very handsome, always smiling, very respectful speech (always called me ma’am or Miss even though he’s a few years older than us). My ex used to give me shit for expressing my feelings about this guy. I was never rude to him when he’d stop by, but I did have trouble hiding my creeped out vibe.

Fast forward to 3 years later. Guy is convicted of indecent liberties and statutory rape of his girlfriend’s daughter (12 yo) and a 14 yo female.”

“Awful vibe”

“I remember meeting the Dad of a student. I got an awful vibe off of him. People always talked about how nice he was and how in love he and his wife were. I always thought she really loves him but he’s just not right. Found out years later he’d been raping his older daughter every time his wife was away for a conference. (Not the child I was teaching, her older sister).”

Another bad feeling

“I had this feeling when I was 17 and went to a sleepover with my friend. Her 22 year old brother seemed nice enough but made me nervous every time he came in the room. I woke up the next morning with him standing over me and putting his hand down my pants. Haven’t been to a sleepover since.”

Go to the doctor

“A pain in the lungs when I inhaled. I’ve never been stabbed, don’t know what it’s like but the pain should have been equal to it, if not worse.

It had happened before, years ago. Some hot water in the shower and the pain was gone.

My wife (then girlfriend) insisted on going to ER. I insisted on hot water. “I feel like we should go and see a doctor”, she had said.

I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism on both lungs. Doctor said “1 or 2 more hours and you were gone”.

So yeah, I owe my wife one.”

Bar fight

“Few years ago I was at a bar with a couple of friends. All was good, we were drinking and having fun.

All of sudden, we heard this discussion taking place just a couple of tables from us. Two guys decided to have a shouting/threat match.

I stopped everything to pay attention to them. My friends were making fun of me, saying I was gossipy.

One of the guys in the discussion got up and left. Immediately after he left I told my friends we had to go. Now. Let’s gtfo now!

They didn’t get why I was like that, but I’m their friends since forever, they reluctantly agreed.

We went to a different bar in a different neighborhood but I couldn’t take my mind off of those two guys.

The next day, the news were talking about a bar fight. Apparently the guy who got up went home, grabbed a gun and came back for a drive by. Killed 4 people in the process.

My grandpa taught me to never ignore my gut and I couldn’t be happier to have listened.”


“Lump in my right breast. 43 years old; clean mammogram 5 months earlier. I just knew. Four different doctors told me it was nothing and to come back in a year. I did not and found a 5th. Yeah, I had to argue my way into being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer.”

My cat smelled cancer

“Felt hinky about one of many growing skin spots. Took 6 doctor visits asking they look at skin spot, all saying it’s nothing don’t worry, but cat sniffing the spot continuously made me worry. Took this evidence to new doc on day dermatologist happened to be visiting. My doc laughed it off like all the others but said a dermatologist might be interested in weird shape. Dermatologist took one look, sniffed it, said get biopsy right now. Biopsy showed aggressive subdural cancer (under the skin, the spot was the ‘iceberg’ tip) Got a big lump of me cut out, but just in time.”

Mother’s intuition

“My mum knew something was wrong with me when I was younger, Drs didn’t want to see me for another 2 weeks. Mum went into a blind rage over the phone telling them that she was taking me to get checked whether they liked it or not….

We got to the GP, he puts a stethoscope on my back and smells my breath. Then says “We need to get him to hospital NOW.”

Turns out I have type 1 Diabetes and if I’d waited another day I would have died.”

“I felt like I was being watched”

“I was at the county fair when I was younger, like eight or nine. I wandered off from my parents and I had an odd feeling that I was being watched, but I ignored that for some reason. This man had followed me up and down the walkways of the expo hall we were standing in. As he started to get closer, I got this overwhelming feeling of fright.

I called for my dad and I could tell it startled him — he promptly turned and changed direction from me.

A really quick thing but it’s stuck with me all these years.”

Left behind

“It didn’t happen to me but was told by my mom. When she was pregnant with my older sister. Her and her family decided to go hiking in the mountains. On the day of the hike she suddenly felt discomfort and unconformable. So she stayed behind while the rest of her family went for the hike. Her family got lost and if it wasn’t for my mom staying behind, they wouldn’t have gotten help. Keep in mind that there was no cellphones back then, so if you got lost, it was a lot harder to contact rescue to come find you.”


“I had just left my apartment complex and was heading to a friends. I pulled out of my driveway and up to the traffic light and stopped, I was in the left turn lane, light was red. It was late out and there wasn’t many people on the road. I watched as the light went yellow, and then red for through traffic, one guy ran the tail end of the yellow, like usual.

My turn! Light goes green, I have an arrow blinking for me to turn left, I looked both ways and there was no one around, and I just didn’t go.

I can not explain what happened other than something inside me just said DON’T GO, so I sat there staring at the green light. A couple seconds later a car came screaming through the red light, through the intersection, probably doing about 100km/hr, in the lane I would have been turning in to. They were going so fast their vehicle had a bounce to it. If I had turned my car would have been destroyed, and me along with it.

I sat there through the whole next light cycle and then turned, pulled over and called my sister. It was a ghostly feeling. I am a light jumper, I look both ways but I am impatient, and I can not explain what stopped me from going the second that light went green, but I’m glad it did.”

Move over

“I was taking my mom to a follow up appointment from back surgery the month before. The freeway was closed due to a car accident and life flight was called to transport the people injured in the accident. The highway patrol was funneling everyone off of the freeway to the right side exit. I had the strongest feeling we needed to move to the left farthest lane, so I did.

No more than a minute after I moved over, a garbage truck came barreling down the freeway and crashed into the car that was in front of us in the other lane so fast that it lifted the front end of the truck and it landed on top of the car.

We were in a tiny sports car that would have crumpled like a tin can under the weight of a garbage truck and definitely would have killed my mom and me in a second.”

Rearview Mirror

“A few years ago I was stopped at a redlight around 3am. I had just picked up my bf from downtown. I had a sudden urge to look in my rear view mirror. And thank fuck I did because in it I saw a suv that was speeding and wasn’t slowing down. I ended up halfway in the intersection to get out of their way. We both would’ve died.m from rear impact.”

Missed my bus

“Went to go catch the bus, saw the bus about to pull out from the stop, and i could have made it if i ran. Something told me not to catch it and just wait for the next one, so i did. Caught the next bus half an hour later. Now, i usually sit at the back of the bus on the drivers side, so that’s where i sat. A little way into the journey, traffic was slowing, and we got to the cause of it. A lorry had crashed into the bus i had missed, right into the back on the drivers side. Had i caught that bus, i wouldn’t be here. Still gives me chills after 6 years”

I slept on the couch

“I was like eight or nine when my parents took me and my younger brother to stay the night at my paternal grandparents’ house because they were in the middle of divorcing. They lived in a farmhouse that was connected to a barn (with machinery, gasoline tanks, and hay on the ground floor and furnished rooms on the floor above that) and the room we were supposed to stay in was in that barn. As soon as we went into the guest room, I was overwhelmed by panic and felt really dizzy. I turned around and just said that we will not sleep in that room and we spent the night on the couch in the living room instead. Later that night, a gas leak in the barn ignited and almost the entire barn including the guest rooms on its top floor exploded. Maybe I had that weird feeling because the gas had leaked into the room already but no one else felt anything and I’m sure I would be dead if I hadn’t noticed it”

Late for work

“About ten years ago, I had a job that started at 6am on the weekends. I didn’t drive and would take the light rail, which was a 15 min walk from the house I rented. One dark morning, I saw a person up ahead of me a few blocks away. I usually see homeless people on my walk to the light rail and most are harmless just trying to collect cans for the deposit or asking for change, but this guy just felt off. I could tell from blocks away that there was something wrong about him, so I cross the street and grab my phone from my backpack because I still had to go to work and this road was the only way to the light rail. Suddenly, I hear a “bubububump!” I look over my shoulder and it was him with his DICK in his hand. That sound was the sound of his shoes hitting the pavement as he ran towards me. I took off running, screamed, “I’m calling 911,” and held my phone to my ear. He must have saw and took it seriously because he ran the opposite direction that I ran. I did call 911, but they wanted me to wait there for the cop and I was like “fuck no!” I said it was because I didn’t want to be late for work, but I was terrified of him finding me. I will never forget the sound of his shoes hitting the pavement.”

Cross the road

“It was about two years ago. I was walking down a main road. I don’t know why, but something told me I needed to cross. I wasn’t even going that way, but I just felt like I had to cross. It was quiet, so I quickly ran across the road. Just as I got to the other side, a drunk driver came down the road, and hit a light pole where I had just been. Had I not crossed, I would’ve been killed on impact.”

Gut reaction

“I was driving across the country last summer, and was behind a guy and something just didn’t feel right. He wasn’t doing anything crazy…but the way he was driving just felt off. Slowing down randomly and then speeding up a lot to compensate…wobbling around his lane, occasionally grazing the shoulder etc. 2 lane highway so, I’m torn about passing him because a) what if he cuts me off or something while I’m doing it, and b) I don’t know if I want him behind me…but also I don’t want to be anywhere near him and passing him and speeding off seems like an ok option.

So I see an exit sign and decide I’ll just wait it out until then, get gas and hopefully never see him again.

Dude then swerves into the left lane and then into the grass median, across the opposing side of the highway, and off into a field. Dude is still driving through this field as I’m passing.

No idea what that was about, but he probably would have run into me as I passed him.”

Stay away from vans

“Escaped the abduction of me and my friends thanks to my gut feeling.

I was at the mall with my friends, all of us around 12 years old. It was 8pm, and my mom was on her way to pick me up. We were all chilling together until each of our parents got here to get us. As we’re standing outside of a store near one of the side entrances, a man comes up to us. He’s about 30-ish, wearing huge glasses, and carrying a clipboard.

The man says, “Hey guys, do you want to watch some movie trailers and answer surveys about them? I’ll pay you each five dollars per trailer.”

Naturally, my friends are all for it. The thing is, my heart dropped as soon as I heard it. As they’re all saying yes, the man nods and then points to the side entrance. It’s pitch black outside, and that entrance leads to the back parking lot of the mall- which is always deserted. Then, he says: “We can do it over there.”

My friends start to follow the man as he walks toward the glass doors, and I’m trailing behind them. Then, as we get close enough for me to kind of see what’s outside, I notice a van parked right outside the entrance. The headlights are on, the car is running. The back doors seems to be open. Every part of my being screams “NO! DON’T GO!” I stop in my tracks, and loudly say, “Guys, my mom is here to pick us all up, I don’t think we have time for it.”

The man freezes and keeps his eyes trained on the doors, and I can see his jaw clenching tightly. My friends look at me with confusion, and I try to give them the most terrified expression of warning that I can. Thankfully they get the message, and say bye to the guy.

The man refused to turn to look at us, and simply began to walk outside of the mall.

As we’re walking away, I turn and look behind me one last time.

The van, and the man, were gone.”


“I think I was 10 or 11, and I was reorganizing my room, moving books and stuff around. I had been working on it all day and during the process I moved a book shelf ontop of a dresser to give me more space and loaded it up with 2 encyclopedia sets and a bunch of other books. I ended up moving my bed parallel to the dresser and passed out from working on my room all day. I woke up a little while after 4 and was contemplating getting a glass of water and moving my bed because it didn’t look safe under the bookshelf. I finally got out of my bed and walked towards the door, maybe 2-3 steps and boom, 1994 northridge earthquake hit. The bookshelf instantly fell on my bed. I don’t know if it would have killed me but it would have rrealllly smashed me up.”

Hey guys

“I used to date a girl who I would go see every night after I got off work. I worked until midnight. I would stay at her house until about 1 or 2am. Sometimes as I left her house she would follow me in her car and stop at a nearby all-night grocery store. I always begged her not to but she always said she’sd be fine. Sometimes I would wait in the parking lot until she came back out and then we’d go our separate ways. Sometimes I wouldn’t. So one time I felt ill so as we left she said “just go strait home, I’ll be fine, I always am” but for some reason I felt like thats the night I needed to be here. She thought I went strait home. I was in the parking lot as she pulled in but she didn’t see me. As she walked in a shady looking dude was walking out. She ignored him but he looked back at her about three or four times. Then he gets to his truck and another guy is in there and they talk through the window for a minute looking back at the store a couple times. The second guy gets out of the truck, gets something out of the back of it then they both head back into the store. I couldn’t be sure they were going to do anything but hell if I was gonna take a chance. I go into the store too. I see them going past every isle and then motion to each other like “there she is”. So I walk a bit faster to catch up. I turn into the isle just as they are approaching her. They are looking at each other. From behind I yell “hey!” They both turn and so does my girlfriend. I brush by them and give them a look (I had some muscle back then and was 6’4″) and say “hey guys”. They nod awkwardly as my girlfriend says to me “what are you doing here”. I kiss her and make up some story about wanting to buy aspirin. The two guys leave. I never told my girlfriend that story, I don’t know why. I kinda felt like a Super Hero to myself. We dated about 2 more years after that. I don’t know what they were going to do to/with her but it was nothing good.”


1. Reminding the people I care about how much I value them. So far several have responded by telling me how much they needed to hear it.

2. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do fancy braids in my hair. So I’ve committed to doing a French braid every day of the quarantine. I’m getting better already!

3. Getting creative in the kitchen. Also diversifying my booze palate.

4. Very frequent lovemaking. Great for both health and of course my wife is, well…

5. I started doing yoga. I only did it twice but it’s already helping ease the anxiety coming from being locked home for three weeks.

6. Reading all the books I’ve meant to read but never had a chance.

7. Picked up Duolingo and started to learn another language.

8. I’ve been hitting the treadmill like crazy. I think I’m going to do a half marathon late this year.

9. Deep cleaned my whole apartment. It’s so clean, proud of myself.

10. I’m re-teaching myself photography. I used to shoot 15+ years ago, but fell out of it. Taking a masterclass on Udemy and practicing as much as I can with the time I’ve got.

11. Finally writing the movie I’ve always wanted to. I’m more than 60 pages in – it’s just flowing off my fingertips! Pure magic.

12. I started gardening and I’m really enjoying it. So far I’ve dug up 3 old rotten trees, trimmed the overgrown evergreens and now the garden looks twice the size. Tomorrow is to further trim the bases of the trees to give my pupper more space to roam.

13. Learning to play the banjo. It’s like learning to play the guitar but nowhere near as many people play banjo.

14. I take branches off the tree in my yard and make things. Green wood working. I made two mallets, carved a spoon, made coat hooks, and today I am building a “three log bench.”

15. Embroidery. Getting good at doing different styles of stitches and knots.

16. I’m doing a lot of self-reflection and self-acceptance. I’ve begun to define my goals for the future and my own boundaries.

17. I’m learning how to draw! Hands are hard.

18. I’m painting again and I got one of those “diamond paintings” which has been frustratingly time consuming but maybe that’s what I need right now.

19. I’m going to try origami.

20. I’m crocheting a blanket! I’m getting better at it with every granny square I make.

21. Sticking to my face cleansing routine every morning and night.

22. I’ve been learning to sew. Specifically, I’ve been learning to sew face masks.

23. I set a goal to go to bed earlier, which has been pretty hard to do. Making bits of progress every day though!

24. I bought the equipment to learn to DJ, and am watching youtube tutorials and practicing a couple hours a day. After being a huge fan of house music for years, I’d wanted to learn. Unfortunately as a PhD student, I worked 60-80 hours a week and didn’t have time.

25. Watching a lot of “classic” movies.

26. I ride my bike more while I have the chance. I have zero contact within 6 ft for the rides and it’s been fun.

27. Drinking more water instead of pop!

28. Honestly, I’m getting sober. Only 3 days right now… but for me 3 days clean and sober is a huge step.

29. Walking my dog for an hour+ each day.

30. Homeschooling my kids, makes me feel pretty good about myself.

31. Educational courses when not playing video games keeps me feeling useful and I might stand a chance of getting a job when all this is over.

32. I just started doing 100 squats a day yesterday. Let’s see if I can keep it up for 2 weeks.

33. Nothing. I’m taking this opportunity to not feel like I have to be constantly improving – my grades, appearance, brain, whatever. I’m doing the bare minimum at home because I spend most of my life stressing about how I can better myself.


You shouldn’t have to wait around for someone to start treating you with respect.

You shouldn’t stick around because tomorrow they might change, tomorrow they might realize how good they have it with you, tomorrow they might rise to your expectations, tomorrow they might finally start giving you as much as they’ve been getting from you.

Making excuses for your person can get you in trouble. It can lead you into dangerous territory. You cannot excuse bad behavior by thinking about all of the ways your person might do better tomorrow. You have to take a look at how they’ve been treating you today, how they’ve been making you feel today, whether they’ve been respecting you today, whether you’re okay with their behavior from today continuing until tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

Sure, there is always a possibility your person could change if you stick around long enough and keep giving them more chances — but wouldn’t you rather be with someone who treats you well from the start? Someone you don’t have to teach to be nice to you? Don’t you want someone who instinctively gives you respect, who would never dream of hurting you, who values your thoughts and opinions from day one?

You should stop waiting for immature hearts to grow. You should stop feeling like it’s your responsibility to convince someone to treat you well. You shouldn’t have to convince them you have value. You shouldn’t have to convince them you’re worthy of being loved. These things should happen naturally. You shouldn’t have to fight this hard for their affection.

If the person you want isn’t ready to date right now, you shouldn’t wait for them. You shouldn’t assume that they are going to come to their senses soon and ask you to be their partner. You shouldn’t continue pouring all of your effort into them in the hopes that they are going to wake up one day and realize they’re finally ready to start treating you right, to put a label on your relationship, to make up for lost time.

If they are telling you they aren’t ready to date right now, it’s tempting to sit around and wait until they are ready, but you should live your life instead. Maybe your paths will meet again and you will end up a couple, but maybe they won’t cross. Maybe you won’t end up together. And maybe that is okay.

Even though you might believe this person is the one for you, you shouldn’t waste your life waiting around for them. They shouldn’t get to determine your relationship timeline. They shouldn’t get to leave you hanging while they run around having fun with other hearts.

You should stop settling for people who aren’t giving you the respect you deserve, simply because you see their potential, because you believe one day they’re going to do better. Maybe their hearts will mature someday soon. But maybe, right now, your heart is too mature to make room for them.


Almost relationships suck because you’re in a constant state of being led on — but you don’t actually know whether or not you’re being led on at the time. In the moment, it feels like the relationship could blossom into something more. It feels like there’s a pretty good chance you could become official in a few more days or weeks or months as long as you hold on, as long as you continue to flirt, continue to text, continue to voice your attraction.

You have absolutely no idea whether all of the effort you’ve been putting in is going to pay off, whether you’re going to end up with a happily ever after or another heartbreak.

Almost relationships are almost impossible to walk away from because you’re never sure when it’s the right moment to leave. You tell yourself that this is the last straw all the time — when they ignore a text or cancel plans or post a picture with an ex. But then they will text you something cute or invite you to hang out with them or post a gorgeous selfie and your hopes of moving on from them will disappear.

You could move on from them if you really tried, but the problem is, you never try for long enough. You always end up wanting them again, because even though they might disappear for a while, there is never a real goodbye. There is never an official ending to your story. There is never any closure. 

Almost relationships are tricky to navigate because you don’t want to look for someone new to date when there’s a chance you could end up with this person you’ve been crushing on forever. But you don’t want to overestimate where things might lead and end up getting your heart shattered when nothing comes of your relationship, either. So you end up staying single. You end up staying in the same exact place.

Almost relationships suck because you never know when to call it quits. You never know whether you should walk away or give it a little more time because a real relationship could be right around the corner. You never know whether you should continue chasing after them or whether you should start the process of moving on.

You have so much trouble guessing what the best move is because your almost confuses you with mixed signals and unspoken emotions. They don’t let you know whether they are planning on settling down with you or whether they only want to have a little fun with you. They don’t fill you in on how they’re feeling — or they claim to fill you in and then their words never end up matching their actions.

Almost relationships are tricky, because there’s always a chance you could end up giving up on someone right before you were meant to get together. But there’s also a chance you’re going to hold onto this person for so long that the right person ends up passing you by.


You made it this far because you are strong. You’ve been through hell and back. You’ve dealt with toxic situations, toxic humans, toxic thoughts. You’ve even warred with the demons deep within yourself. You’ve faced so many challenges throughout your years, but you’re still standing. You might not feel like the same innocent person you used to be in the beginning, but change is inevitable. Change is what brought you here today.

You made it this far because you are diligent. You work your ass off on a daily basis. You put effort into each and every task you take on. And you don’t always get credit for that. Some people underestimate your hard work. They don’t think you’re productive enough. They don’t understand that sometimes, even the simplest activities can feel like a chore for you. They have no idea how much energy every single day requires, how impressive it is that you’ve come this far and are ready to go even further.

You made it this far because you are independent. You know how to take care of yourself. You know how to survive. You learned pretty early on that the one person you can always rely on is yourself. You don’t expect anyone else to baby you. You don’t need them to walk you through this world. Of course, your family and friends are beyond important to you. You cannot imagine your world without them and you’ve been opening up to them as much as possible lately because you know that’s the healthiest thing to do — but at the same time, you’ve gotten through a lot of your worst moments on your own. You are confident that, if required, you would be able to do that again.

You made it this far because you are adaptable. As much as change bothers you, you’ve dealt with it plenty of times throughout your life. You’ve gotten through heartbreaks, even when you thought the relationship would last forever. You’ve walked away from toxic people, even though you thought they would always be considered a friend. You’ve changed homes, changed jobs, changed paths. You’ve pivoted in order to create the best possible life for yourself. It hasn’t always been easy, but you’ve said goodbye time and time again, and you survived.

You made it this far because you have a pure heart. You want the best for your friends, your family, and yourself. You even want the best for people who have done you wrong. You try your hardest to see the good in people. More importantly, you try to be a good person. You’re always striving to improve yourself. You’re always putting effort into becoming the best possible version of yourself.

You made it this far because you are an optimist. Even though there are times when you feel like everything is pointless, when you doubt yourself, when you wonder whether you’re ever going to get where you are headed, you are hopeful at heart. Deep down, you believe things are going to improve. You believe everything is going to be okay. You believe you are going to make something of yourself. You believe you matter.


I know you were excited for your birthday. I know whatever you had planned probably isn’t going to work out. And I know that, even though there are much bigger things to worry about in the world right now, this can still feel disappointing. But you shouldn’t be miserable on your birthday, so here are a few fun ways to celebrate (without leaving the house):

1. Take shots with your friends. Set up a Zoom call with your friends and take shots together. You can even play a drinking game. Or you could simply spend some time catching up with each other. It’s pretty much the same thing you would be doing if you saw each other in person, except you’re in your own homes instead of a restaurant.

2. Play board games together. There are plenty of board games you can play online, like Cards Against Humanity, or you could break out a physical game like Taboo or Head’s Up or Charades. You can hold the cards to the camera so your friends can play along, even though you’re not in the same room. Just don’t peek!

3. Have a virtual party. If you and your friends are fans of Animal Crossing, let them travel to your island for a virtual party. Even if your friends IRL aren’t able to make it, then you’re going to have plenty of friends in the game who are going to make your birthday special.

Couldn't really enjoy my birthday because of social distancing, but my neighnors went HAM #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

— milkfish_mango (@CupONeeko) March 24, 2020

4. Bake yourself a cake. Instead of buying a cake from a bakery or getting a slice from a restaurant as they sing to you, you can make your own cake with whoever lives in your house with you — your boyfriend, your parents, your roommates. You could even try your hand at making an ice cream cake. Use whatever ingredients you have in the house and see what you can come up with together. And don’t forget to decorate with icing, sprinkles, strawberries, or whatever else you find around!

5. Order food from your favorite restaurant. Even though you can’t sit down at your favorite bar or restaurant doesn’t mean it’s closed. You can still support local businesses (and treat yourself) by ordering food and having it delivered. That way, you won’t have to cook on your own birthday.

6. Get dressed up like you would on any other birthday. It doesn’t matter that you’re staying inside the house. Do your hair. Do your makeup. Put on an outfit that makes you feel cute. Your effort won’t be a waste because you can still post pictures for social media. Plus, if you’ve gotten used to wearing pajamas lately, it’ll make the day feel special. It’ll set it apart from the rest of the week.

7. Do a pub crawl in your own home. Set up different drinks in different areas of your home. Have some wine and cheese in the living room. Have some champagne and chocolate in the bedroom. Get creative with your night inside!

8. Write out a list of things you want to accomplish at this age. You might not be able to leave the house right now, but you will eventually. When that time comes, it’ll be nice to have a long list of things you want to see and places you want to visit. That way, when you can hang out with your friends again, you won’t end up going to the same bar you’ve been visiting for the past few years because no one has any new ideas about what to do. You can try plenty of new things later in the year if you start your research now.


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