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Batman called the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, Mitsubishi Motors, saying he’s missing his car and wants it back. Designed by the revered Maximilian Schneider, the Koenigsegg Konigsei concept represents an ideal combination of exotic delineation and high performance.

Maximilian Schneider Designs a 21st Century Batmobile Dubbed The Koenigsegg Konigsei Concept

Drawing inspiration by both the shape and texture of an egg, the Koenigsegg showcases a wrap-around windshield, wide bodywork and subtle double-bubble cockpit. With a body and interior crafted using real recycled eggshells, the Koenigsegg Konigsei concept is fueled by a 6.4-liter hydrogen V8, which harnesses over 1,618 horsepower, accelerating 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds, at drag-limited top speeds of 274 mph.

Not yet built to order, the potential existence and ownership of this car and the available 21st century technological advancements, make Koenigsegg Konigsei concept anything but a far-fetched ambition.

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Australia’s Sorgiovanni Designs has revealed a 99m luxury expedition yacht concept, Frontier, with a steel hull, aluminium superstructure and ice-breaker reversed bow. Sam Sorgiovanni, whose designs include the 84m Singapore-owned trimaran White Rabbit, conceived Frontier to ‘discover … with the soul of an explorer’.

Frontier is by Sorgiovanni Designs, which has offices in Australia and Monaco

Frontier is by Sorgiovanni Designs, which has offices in Australia and Monaco

The star attraction is the 15m helipad, as the deck can slide backwards on hydraulic jacks to receive a helicopter and retract after use. The vast master suite on the upper deck has direct access to the 9m pool forward of the helipad, while there are six double guest cabins on the lower deck and accommodation for 34 crew.

The main deck includes a dining room for 20 and a cinema, while the observation deck has an outdoor bar, Jacuzzi and sunbathing area. A double-storey beach club features a bar and relaxation area, massage room, sauna and steam room, and a Jacuzzi with lounge beds, and leads to an enormous garage.

On Sorgiovanni's 99m Frontier concept, the 15m by 15m helipad can slide backwards when in use, then retract

The 15m by 15m helipad can slide backwards when in use, then retract

Frontier is predicted to reach 19-20 knots with twin diesel engines, but Sorgiovanni says the yacht features a range of innovations designed to reduce her footprint. “Making environmentally and socially responsible products the new normal for all consumers should be a top priority for all companies today.”


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Four new limited edition Santos-Dumont watches inspired by Alberto’s various milestone aircraft join Cartier’s 2020 novelties

Famously, we know Cartier made Alberto Santos-Dumont a wristwatch in order to keep his hands-free for the instrumentation. Not so famously, few remember the name of his aircraft – La Demoiselle, nor of the man’s irrepressible sense of style, decked out in three piece suit and of course, his signature Panama hat. Also known as an Ecuadorian hat, Santos-Dumont’s choice of headwear was emblematic of his eye for details: handmade, the tightness and finesse of the toquilla straw weave exemplified the care taken, analogous to the precision calculations required for successful flight for La Demoiselle, a series of aircraft built in France by the Brazilian aviation pioneer.


New Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle is Classic Elegance re-introduced

The new Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle pays homage not just to Alberto’s technical excellence but also his stylistic finesse. For the first time since Cartier made his pioneering pilot’s watch, the new Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle returns to the original styling of the world’s first wristwatch for men, complete with Breguet hands reminiscent of the original. However, rather than simply (and cynically) remake the world’s first pilot’s watch, Cartier has elected, much in the same way Jaeger-LeCoultre has, to re-introduce the world to a modern classic.

With the new Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle, the Parisian maison elects to take the weave motif of Alberto’s signature panama hat and incorporate the texture into the dial and strap of the maison’s latest Santos-Dumont XL. The name of this limited edition Cartier Santos-Dumont takes the name of the Brazilian aviator’s most accomplished flying machines, and one of the first aircraft to be mass produced, La Demoiselle.

Latest Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle goes beyond heritage interpretation

Like Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Master Control Chronograph Calendar, the 2020 Cartier Santos-Dumont “La Demoiselle” is a contemporary interpretation for something originally designed over 100 years ago. All the vintage elements which made the original Santos-Dumont a watchmaking icon are there, plus a few new ones which ground Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle as a thoroughly modern timepiece rather than a mere re-issue.


Limited to only 30 pieces, the platinum Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle is Cartier 2020’s most precious novelty and the definitive pinnacle of the Santos-Dumont collection. What sets it apart from the other new 2020 Santos-Dumont XL watches are the “inverse” aesthetics – instead of black Roman numerals we get silvered Roman numbers, instead of the typical blued sword hands, we get black Breguet hands (I don’t think they are mirror noir finished but literally black), and as denoting this new  Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle’s “secret” Cartier signature in the “VII” has been replaced by “Santos. The platinum caseback with laser engraved line-drawing of the La Demoiselle is refined but if you know that there’s an beautifully finished manual winding calibre 430MC under there, it’s bound to evoke some questions in your mind as to the wisdom of this decision. That said, the illustrated caseback keeps the latest Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle firmly in the family together with Cartier’s other 2020 novelties.

In place of its typical signature sapphire cabochon is a crown topped with a ruby cabochon instead and it pairs really well with the ecru colourway that Cartier has chosen for its latest Santos-Dumont XL. I’m in two minds about it – I mean Louis Cartier made the first model, but perhaps the maison felt “Santos” would have more resonance for their limited edition 2020 Cartier novelty. The platinum case pairs really well with the muted ecru monotone as well, making the latest Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle the epitome of classic elegance.

The “Le Brésil” Santos-Dumont

Accompanying the Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle are three other limited edition models with the Brazilian aviator’s other aircraft: The “Le Brésil” Santos-Dumont, named for the gentleman pilot’s very first machine, “Le Brésil”, created in 1898 – “the smallest” and “the most beautiful”, according to the aviator. Its unveiling took place on 4 July 1898, after which a series of airships numbered 1 to 22 would emerge between 1898 and 1909, representing his many attempts to defy the laws of weightlessness. A limited edition 2020 Cartier Santos-Dumont of just 100 exemplars.

The “La Baladeuse” Santos-Dumont

A limited edition of 300 pieces, “La Baladeuse” is so named for the “n°9”, an experimental-looking motorised airship in which Santos-Dumont crossed the French capital’s sky in 1903. A small, bulging single-seater, “La Baladeuse” was intended for the personal use of its creator, who wished to demonstrate its usefulness in urban spaces, a vision which the advent of drone flight has seen fruition over a 100 years later.

The “n°14 bis” Santos-Dumont

A 500 piece production model of the latest Carter Santos-Dumont watch inspired by the “n°14 bis” flying machine, often described as a ‘kite of compartments’ because the pilot was nestled among compartments  like the fuselage, and was connected to the rudder and fins by cables. On 23 October 1906, the “n°14 bis” won the Archdeacon Cup. Then, on 12 November, it took the Aéro-Club award, making Alberto Santos-Dumont the first aviator to complete a flight of 220 metres verified by an official organisation.

2020 Cartier Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle Price and Specs

Movement Manual-winding Calibre 430MC with 38 hours power reserve
Case 46.6mm platinum case with 30 metres water resistance
Strap Panama fabric strap and brown alligator leather
Price US$43,600

The new Santos-Dumont La Demoiselle comes with a brown alligator watch pouch, matching Santos de Cartier cufflinks and its own lacquered maple wood with Chamel Eco Black interior 


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Working closely with the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local health agencies to obtain the latest developments in the worsening Covid-19 pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover North America recommits itself to prioritizing the health, safety, and satisfaction of its authorized retailers, employees and consumers.

Jaguar Land Rover North America Debuts All-New Land Rover Plug-in Hybrid SUVs

Meeting a redefined list of needs through updated daily cleaning regimens, the highest levels of social distancing, and a whole-new series of Land Rover Plug-in Hybrid SUVs, which will debut in the brand’s Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque – the brand aims to be a ray of light and hope for the world to overcome this pandemic.


Ranging anywhere from $37,800 to $90,900, the new system combines a 1.5-liter three-cylinder internal-combustion engine and a 15 kWh battery pack with a 107 horsepower electric motor. Harnessing a maximum of 304 horsepower at 398 lb-ft of torque, the Range Rover Evoque P300e accelerates 0-60 in a matter of 6.4 seconds whilst the Land Rover Discovery P300e is a few ticks slower at 6.6 seconds.

Taking orders for both hybrids in the UK, the Evoque and Discovery can travel 41 and 38 miles, respectively, on battery power alone and can acquire a total mileage of 168 MPG in under 7 hours of charging when plugged to any regular household electrical system. Announcing plans for a wider release in the first quarter of 2021, Jaguar Land Rover North America has also established financial aid in the form of vehicle loan or lease payment assistance, lease-end extension, lease-end vehicle returns, and in new vehicle purchases, for consumers heavily impacted by Covid-19.

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Hermès Carré H Image by Adison Rutsameeronchai

Raise your hand if you remember the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra from 2006. The Chronograph GMT and the Hometime? Both writers of this tale obviously do, and it meant something personal to them. The story that follows is mostly an account of WOW Thailand Editor Ruckdee Chotjinda’s hankering for a square watch, and WOW Singapore Editor Ashok Soman’s consistent evangelising for form watches. In this edition, we opted to present this account as a back-and-forth but it is Ruckdee’s story through-and-through. While Ruckdee finally found his square roots, Ashok has yet to embrace his; his contribution here is ruefully theoretical.

Ruckdee Chotjinda

I was very close to owning the Jaeger-LeCoultre Squadra Hometime but then a few hiccups got in the way. First, the stock piece at the authorised dealer had cosmetic damage; then, the replacement ordered had a wobbly crown stem and had to be returned. I became discouraged and went for another watch instead. Before I acted again on the Reverso Squadra, Jaeger-LeCoultre dropped the collection five years into its age. It was gone … just like that, depriving me of the joy of ownership.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Squadra Hometime

The urge to buy a square watch has since remained in the back of my mind. The Tetra watches from Nomos Glashütte seemed nice and accessible, but all versions are too small for my preference. I came very close to buying my first square watch again in 2016 when Cartier came out with the (then) new version of the Santos 100 Carbon. I remember how the watch lingered on my mind during my days at SIHH that year, and how I was eager to share a wrist shot on my personal Facebook account by using the phone to take a snap from the camera’s playback screen.

Ashok Soman

I salute Ruckdee on his good taste in going for the Squadra Hometime; it is a watch I remember well because it too was on my list. Sadly, it never made it to my wrist. I thought I would eventually get to it but, as mentioned, it disappeared quietly into Jaeger-LeCoultre’s archive. I confess that the watch did not quite inspire a taste for square watches at that time, but I do recall being similarly struck by the JeanRichard TV screen model. Of course that too is a tale of disappointment because the brand is now quite defunct. It seemed my story too was destined to follow a path to disappointment.

Contrary to popular belief, square watches are not difficult to wear


Sticking to my limit of one watch per year, a showdown emerged between the Santos and another round watch with impeccable movement finishing. It just so happened that I discussed this dilemma with a Singaporean colleague and he pushed me over the proverbial cliff where another watch awaited at the bottom. It was a good buy alright, but my square watch count remained at zero. Cartier also discontinued that particular model of Santos — the story of my life.

Cartier Santos Image by Adison Rutsameeronchai


I confess to not being the colleague Ruckdee is referring to! Anyway, the Santos 100 Carbon was yet another watch that was gone too soon, and from another brand that built its reputation on form watches. A number of years passed before I found a worthy piece to target, and that watch was neither square nor in current production. Happily, Ruckdee had better luck.


I eventually became the proud owner of a square watch last November. The impromptu decision while on a business trip was induced by the particularly strong Thai baht at the time. The final amount paid was very good, even when adding the necessary Thai tax upon my return to Thailand. Just two weeks later, I coincidentally landed myself an incredible deal, thanks to the tip of a collector friend, and bought my second square watch unexpectedly. I am a happy man.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Commando Image by Adison Rutsameeronchai


That is two-zip in Ruckdee’s favour; I am no closer today to even finding one square watch I like enough to make my list. To further complicate things, I decided to focus my collection towards German watches, or at least those with a suitably Teutonic bent, such as Schaffhausen brands IWC and H. Moser & Cie. Now, Nomos Glashütte has a great watch in the Tetra, as Ruckdee mentioned, but I wanted a movement that matched the case. This put me in a bind, because there are not that many German watchmakers and almost none have square watches in current collections. By extension, you will not find it hard to believe that none have form watches with form movements, much less something where all’s square, as they say.


Contrary to popular belief, square watches are not difficult to wear. That prejudice is formed on grounds of unfamiliarity. You put it on your wrist with the strap or the bracelet like any round watch, and off you go about your day. Size-wise, square watches can be too large or too small for your wrist, the same as round watches. Lastly, again like round watches, squarish ones come with different designs that give them distinguishing personalities.

The square watch genre is very small, even when compared against other shaped watches


Where this popular belief came from, I cannot say. Nor do I know why it should be popular at all. No one has ever suggested that the Rado Integral is difficult to wear, for example. The only real consideration is the lug-to-lug measurement, which could make any given watch sit rather awkwardly on the wrist. Honestly, this is an issue rectangular watches sometimes face (and some sorts of oval watches), not square ones. Bottom line: if a square watch does not wear well it probably has more to do with the lugs than anything else.


You do not need to look further than these pages for more examples of great square watches that also wear well. The Nomos Glashütte Tetra offers brutal minimalism. The Cartier Santos presents classical elegance. The Hermès Carré H, shown at the start, exudes an air of contemporary charm through sleek lines and refined geometry.

TAG Heuer Monaco Image by Adison Rutsameeronchai

Other square watches can be the direct opposite of the above. Bell & Ross marks the perfect specimen for discussion. Their BR 01 watches are definitively sportive and instrument-like. That is because they were designed after cockpit instruments in order to enable utmost legibility and reliability. From humble beginnings in 2005, the collection has expanded to provide different indications, functions and complications. Originally 46 mm in size, smaller versions followed naturally with the BR 03 in a 42mm size and the BR S in a 39 mm size. Bell & Ross also managed to get a dive watch into the mix, with the BR 03-92; achieving good water-resistance is difficult for most form watches.

Moving on to the tried-and-tested, a collection enjoying unmatched popularity (for a square watch, that is) is the TAG Heuer Monaco, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The watch is easy to like because it is moderate in design and presentation, neither as dressy as the Santos nor as weekendish as the BR varieties. Therefore, the Monaco appears more versatile for most people. A boxed sapphire crystal and contrasting subdials add to the vintage charm of the watch.

Having come this far, it must also be reiterated that there are not so many square watches out there — it is not only a phenomenon affecting German watches. The genre is very small, even when compared against other shaped watches, with a notable exception being the triangular Hamilton Ventura. WOW is not proposing that everyone should build a collection of square watches. Round watches are considered the norm, and this will never change. The writers are merely saying that it cannot hurt to have one square watch in the mix, or a rectangular watch, or a tonneau watch for that matter – anything non-round that suits you. Give one of these shaped watches a try and you may discover a new joy in your collecting pursuit.

Sevenfriday M1B/01 Urban Explorer

Not sure where to start? Prefer not to spend a significant amount of money? Well, one cannot go wrong with a Sevenfriday. This brand’s square watches with rounded corners come in many styles, colours and levels of industrial interpretation. Particularly nice is the M-Series for the hands-free time display where the hour and the minute are indicated by way of two rotating discs. Shown here, the M1B/01 Urban Explorer is worn on a denim strap that matches the dark blue PVD treatment of the case – an additional reason to diversify!

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Born in 1975 in the nation’s third largest province known as Cuneo, Italy, artist Fabio Viale is revered for his awe-inspiring and jaw dropping work as a marble sculptor. Kickstarting his career at the tender age of 16, Fabio has dedicated his life to learning the secrets of his trade through close-apprenticeships with practicing craftsmen whilst schooling at Tunin’s very own Academy of Fine Arts.

Fabio Viale Explores The Inherent Beauty and Hardness of Sacred and Profane, Criminal Tattoos.

Propelling to fame at an unimaginable rate, Fabio Viale’s work has since evolved from producing architectural design components and statues for the monumental cemetery of Milan, to increasingly contemporary projects.

Debuting his first independent project in 2013, at the Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York, Fabio Viale showcased the world’s first ever fully functioning and floating marble boat – an invention which has earned him the most important recognition for contemporary art in Italy, known as the Cairo Prize.

Since then, the Italian sculptor has continually blessed our sights with a refined, cultured, eccentric, and extraordinarily contemporary approach to the historic art form, which he interprets in a very personal language. Provocative where necessary, Fabio Viale is often found highlighting discrepancies, displacements and fractures, whilst creating hyper-realistic final products.

In his distinct and arguably controversial series of tattooed marble sculptures, the artist not only illustrates the seven deadly sins, but showcases meticulous attention to detail, whilst injecting each colour layers-deep into every statue, in a manner similar to that of a real tattoo.

“When I decided to tattoo the marble, I realized that it was very important not to paint it, but being able to make the colour penetrate into the porosity that is proper to this material. only in this way I could reach the effect of the tattoo on human skin in the most realistic way. experimenting with colours and surfaces: this was the beginning that then led me to a wise mix of texture and colour chemistry.” – Fabio Viale.

Through the heavy improvisation of new tools and processes, Fabio Viale worked in close collaboration with an array of chemical professionals, in an effort to obtain maximum results within a shortened time frame. His overall project thus aims to provoke both gasp and wonder when admiring the classical beauty and inherent hardness of sacred and profane, criminal tattoos.

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As global trade and international economies come to a stand-still, the coronavirus pandemic is well on its way of creating the greatest recession since The Great Depression but meanwhile, in home quarantine and social distancing is playing havoc with the ultra-wealthy (who are unfamiliar with constraints on their money and influence) – spending time in “parenting agony” while ensconced in high net worth resorts like Yellowstone Ranch or dropping $9 million on a car while doing a spot of revenge shopping like Ronaldo, Bloomberg has spoken to Sotheby’s and discovered that revenge shopping is indeed becoming a trend as the restless rich spend hundreds of thousands on jewellery and diamonds to cheer themselves up during these depressing times.

“What we’re finding is that anything of good quality is performing well, and actually better than it would have just a couple of months ago.” –  Catharine Becket, Sotheby’s “magnificent jewels” specialist speaking to Bloomberg

Revenge Shopping becoming a trend as Ultra Rich Spend Millions on High Jewellery Online Auctions out of Boredom

Auction season was beginning to look dire as auction houses cancelled their annual affairs as a result of strict social distancing measures in major financial cities like Zurich, Geneva, London and Hong Kong and for a moment there, it looked like jewellery sales for 2020 would come to an abrupt stop just as it has other economic segments. But, Antiquorum’s Geneva auction held via internet, phone and absentee bids on March 21st, 2020 totalled US$3.34 million, with three of its top five lots belonging to Patek Philippe timepieces, so its certainly not out of the realm of possibility that consumers willing to pay top dollar for Patek Philippe watches online, sight unseen, would also find partners similarly willing to drop six figures on diamond bracelets and necklaces.

A recent Sotheby’s online sales projected to bring in $5.7 million conservatively, ended up beating estimates and bringing in $6.1 million through the four sales held across March and April. Speaking to Bloomberg, Catharine Becket, Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” specialist in New York, gave a reason for the apparent growth in big ticket luxury purchases: “Clients are sequestering at home and, generally speaking, leading relatively dreary lives. Everyone is waiting for this to be over, and I suppose knowing that a million-dollar piece of jewelry is waiting for you is a fulfilment of when things return to the new normal.”

Indeed, it shouldn’t be surprising as WWD first reported that when Hermes re-opened their flagship in Guangzhou, it led to a revenge shopping spree to a tune of $2.7 million in single day sales. Psychologically speaking, everyone has status needs for prestige and social approval, often expressed in diverse ways, revenge spending has been merely been one manifestation, some pick up art and hobbies, others get super fit and if you have millions in the bank, you burn a little with some much needed retail therapy.

Becket was initially concerned that she wouldn’t be able help her client to sell a 1930s high jewellery specimen – Cartier’s Tutti Frutti. A marriage of art and design, the Tutti Frutti is emblematic of heritage swagger and a symbol of old Indian Mughal Maharajah opulence. The name ‘Tutti Frutti’ wasn’t coined until the 1970s, and we don’t see true specimens very often. Town & Country estimates that we see smaller pieces like brooches every three to five years or so but the something on the scale of this magnitude is very rare and highly sought after both as a bit of high jewellery and an artwork.

The 1930s-era Cartier bracelet is currently online for auction at Sotheby’s with an estimate of $600,000 to $800,000. Auction ends April 28th. Source: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s estimates that it’ll bring in between $600,000 and $800,000, but a true benchmark of elite boredom and the lengths they would go for a bit of revenge spending would be a true test of their wallets and high net worth shopping power.


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Gruppo Antonini has created Antonini Navi, which will offer custom builds up to 70m, megayacht construction for third parties, refit and its own Crossover range of 30-50m displacement and semi-displacement yachts designed by Creative Director Fulvio de Simoni, starting with a 130ft (40m) model.

Massimo Antonini (CFO), Lorenzo Antonini (COO), Simone Antonini (COO) and Aldo Manna (Sales Director)

Antonini brothers Massimo (CFO), Lorenzo (COO) and Simone (COO), partners in Antonini Navi with friend Aldo Manna (Sales Director)

Brothers Simone, Lorenzo and Massimo Antonini are CEO, COO and CFO respectively of Antonini Navi and run Gruppo Antonini, which was founded by their grandfather Walter and has been operating in the oil and gas sector since the second half of the 1940s. The group will invest €10 million (about US$10.8 million) to convert its Marina di Pertusola shipyard in Muggiano on the Gulf of La Spezia into a specialist yacht-building facility.

Gruppo Antonini averages annual sales of over €50 million and has about 200 employees and 50 collaborators. Some will be assigned to the Antonini Navi project at the Muggiano shipyard, one of the group’s three production sites along with the Olmec Unit and the Oma Unit.

Photo of the Marina di Pertusola in Muggiano on the Gulf of La Spezia

Photo of the existing Marina di Pertusola in Muggiano on the Gulf of La Spezia

Aldo Manna, a friend of the Antonini brothers since childhood, conceived of the new company and is its Sales Director and partner.

“This is a great project with solid foundations,” Manna says. “The Antonini family still runs the group as a ‘family business’, in which personal relationships are the true cornerstone of the business model. Now, more than ever, clients feel the need to deal directly with the owners of a shipyard and not just with investment-fund managers.”

Gruppo Antonini will invest €10 million to convert the shipyard

Gruppo Antonini will invest €10 million to convert the shipyard for Antonini Navi

CEO Simone Antonini said: “In the 1980s, our grandfather Walter recognised the enormous potential of the Pertusola site as a hub for yachting and related services, which is why we were so enthusiastic about Aldo’s proposal to set up Antonini Navi together.

“Aldo fully embodies the values of our business: family, hard work and determination. Aldo is also a formidable professional in superyacht construction and marketing, and the right man to complete our team, with his constant focus on achieving new objectives.

Antonini Navi's first project will be a 130ft Crossover model by Fulvio De Simoni

Antonini Navi’s first project will be a 130ft (40m) Crossover model by Fulvio De Simoni

“Our family are firm believers in this project, which is why we’ve decided to invest 10 million euros and make a bold entrance into a sector where we already had a presence through refitting operations and contract production. We will never stop looking further into the future.”


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Caring, compassionate, approachable, wise and an understanding role model to both the young and old – Pastors are supposed to represent the higher standard of morality, embodying the significance of religion in every aspect of their existence. For some people, talking to a pastor may be the closest to God they’ll ever get – making it a truly gratifying and awakening experience.

Christian Pastors Are Making Controversial Appearances Whilst Decked-Out in Designer Sneakers and Clothes

Mr. Lentz, a senior pastor at the New York campus of the global megachurch Hillsong, was photographed wearing a pair of Nike shoes that cost about $500.

With that being said, would it matter to you if your beloved pastor, whom you believed was exceptionally philanthropic in his work, strut the halls in sneakers more exclusive and expensive than all of yours combined?

Drawing attention to this increasingly prevalent scenario, is the 29 year old Millennial behind PreachersNSneakers on Instagram, who created the account as a spoof and was equally alarmed by how quickly it transformed into a place of both celebration and controversy over pastor influencers and their expensive shoes.

Featuring pastors and church leaders of every ethnicity, social media following and state, the Instagram account zeros in not only on these holy men but specifically on their personal fashion choices, including in each post: screenshots of each target’s shoes and seemingly basic attire, alongside each article’s respective price tag.

Jokingly dubbing each of the account’s victims a “Registered Flex Offender”, the narrative and open debate surrounding PreachersNSneakers was admittedly intentional – merging issues of Christianity with pop culture’s significant sneakerhead collecting-and-selling lifestyle, the account aims to present questionable practices with a comedic yet easily digestible twist.

Of the many shocking revelations unveiled, the account showcases the likes of Carl Lentz of Hillsong – the pastor who baptized Justin Bieber in a professional basketball player’s bath tub, Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, and Levi Lusko of FreshLife, amongst many others.

With John Gray, a pastor from South Carolina, photographed in blood-red Air Yeezy 2s, worth a minimum of $5,000, and Chad Veach of Zoe Church rocking a $1,900 Gucci bag with matching $795 pants – PreachersNSneakers is thus raising questions of integrity and transparency in all of the church’s delegation of wealth and funding. Put simply, some of these theological-based questions include asking, “Is the money I’m giving the church going to the salary, or their spending on sneakers?”.


Amassing over 100,000 followers, PreachersNSneakers upkeep a fairly neutral perspective with no ill intent, careful to neither outright scrutinise nor support the decisions of each subject. The page therefore offers clear and objective evidence of real life scenarios, allowing its audience the freedom to form opinions, engage in dialogue and ask questions, as they see fit in accordance to their own belief.

Jesus Shoes

Whether or not one believes these extravagant accessories were gifted, or are appropriate, over the years entertainment industries all around the world, especially in America and in India, have long used films such as PK, Submission, and The Holy Mountain, to shed light on the potential issues of vanity, corruption, misbehaviour, exploitation and capitalism, driven by the very individuals positioned to protect, serve and enlighten larger communities. Just look at Nike’s recent collaboration with creative label MSCHF on the invention of $1,425 “Jesus Shoes“, which are essentially  white Air Max 97 sneakers filled with “holy water”.

Left fully up to personal interpretation, the possibilities and questions are endless. Ranging anywhere from: “How progressive should religion be and should it be heavily dependant on the evolution of time?” to “Is the act of holding any human being to standards closer to God and higher than others, fair to anyone?”

As the PreachersNSneakers Instagram page achieves an unique form of success in provoking both self-reflection and demand for accountability, the creator urges his audience to not skip out on being active in the Christian community as a result of what the account has highlighted.

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To understand the primacy of the Le Sentier manufacture’s watchmaking traditions, one needs only at their 1950s Jaeger-LeCoultre triple calendar. As befitting their nickname “watchmaker’s watchmaker”, the same triple calendar calibre was supplied to Cartier and Vacheron Constantin; in that respect, it is a historical representation of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s art of precision in both design and manufacturing expertise. Hence for Watches & Wonders 2020, the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar is evocative of this legacy.

It stands to reason that if over 50 years on, the original Jaeger-LeCoultre Triple Date Calendar collection still serves as the inspiration for the brand’s new Master Control Chronograph Calendar, it’s definitely something to be said for its place in the annals of history as a watchmaking icon.

2020: New Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar is evocative of Le Sentier legacy

Aesthetically, just as the original, the new Master Control Chronograph Calendar is perfectly balanced, allowing for intuitive reading of the triple-calendar indications with one important concession: the central date pointer has been moved to a combination moonphase and date subdial in order to make the necessary space for the chronograph indications.

The Watches & Wonders 2020 flagship sees the Grande Maison releasing a newly developed manufacture movement for their latest Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar. New integrated chronograph calibres are a rarity, and with the Calibre 759, using the fundamental architecture of the 2004 chronograph Calibre 751,  we’ve seen our second in two years, the other from 2019’s Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT, Jaeger-LeCoultre combines a chronograph with a triple calendar display and a moon-phase for their new Master Control Chronograph Calendar (though I’m still waiting for confirmation from HQ but I’m fairly certain given the 12.5mm thinness – it’s not just a module slapped on) and it is deeply evocative of the Le Sentier manufacture’s legacy from both a visual and technical perspective.

Peter Speake-Marin, namesake founder of his indie brand and now the Naked Watchmaker, once deconstructed a vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar and found that “over all movement design and proportions are perfect for classical chronometry and longevity”.One assumes with new quality control protocols and the advantage of modern imaging tools have enabled Le Sentier watchmakers to approach precise tolerances and slavish levels of finishing for their latest Master Control Chronograph Calendar movement.

Just below 12 o’clock twin apertures of the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar display day and month respectively in bold red lettering, while a red-tipped date hand reminiscent of its vintage Master Triple Calendar predecessor points to the date, which is shown on an outside chapter ring (also in red). A tachymetric counter replaces the date scale on the periphery of the dial, making the Grande Maison’s latest Master Control Chronograph Calendar a deeply modern interpretation of a vintage classic.

Latest Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph Calendar

Movement Automatic Cal. 759 with 65 hours power reserve
Case 40 mm stainless steel with 50 metres water resistance
Strap Alligator Leather
Price of Master Control Chronograph Calendar CHF 14,500 or S$21,600

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