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Beware of the day she gives up because that means she’s reached her boiling point. It means that she’s been holding on and trying for far too long. It means that she’s tried all the tricks in the book and she’s finally realizing that this is who you are and this is who you’ll always be. It means she’s finally quitting you and winning herself back. 

Beware of the day she chooses herself because that means that she won’t accommodate your games anymore. It means that you won’t get away with another mistake. It means she won’t believe another lie. It means she won’t go out of her way to make you happy. Beware of the day she decides to treat you the same way you treat her because that marks the beginning of the end

Beware of the day she looks back and connects the dots because that means that she finally solved your riddle; she unveiled your mystery, she finally saw you for who you really are. She finally learned your truth. It means that everything you got away with will come back to haunt you. 

Beware of the day she takes all her love back because it simply means that she’s not scared of losing you anymore. She’s not afraid of living without you. She’s not afraid of letting you go. Because everything she’s ever done was an attempt to keep you. Everything she’s ever done was her way of trying to hold on for as long as she could, because she knew that if she reached that moment; there’s no turning back. She knew that if she starts to look at the red flags she once ignored, she won’t be able to unsee them, she won’t be able to overlook them anymore. She knew that if she probed your relationship further she’s going to find more emptiness than depth, more lies than honesty and what she feared most; she’s going to figure out eventually that your love was fake. 

Beware of the day she finds out that your love was fake because that day will be the day you lose her forever. That will be the day where every single attempt to win her back will fail. That will be the day where all the fighting in the world won’t bring her back. That will be the day you’ll realize that she ran out of chances to give you. That will be the day you’ll know for sure that her heart ran out of forgiveness, ran out of love, ran out of trust and ran out of patience.

That will be the day she warned you about one time and you took it lightly and it will be the day that will haunt you every time you remember all the nights you let her down, all the days you didn’t treat her right and all the times you took her love for granted, almost certain that she’ll never leave. Beware of the day she leaves, because it will be the day when you least expect it to. It will happen so quickly that you won’t even have a chance to say goodbye. 


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By prestigiousadmin
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